Most of the drawings for sale in this store were produced during public performances. Tresset's drawings are in public collections such as the Victoria & Albert Museum, La Maison d'Ailleurs, Guerlain Foundation and in numerous private collections. Tresset's performative installations have been exhibited around the world, including in association with major institutions such as The Grand Palais (Paris), The Pompidou Center (Paris), Prada Foundation (Milan), Tate Modern (London), Museum of Israel (Jerusalem), Victoria & Albert Museum (London), MMCA (Seoul), BOZAR (Brussels) and at events such as Ars Electronica, Update_5, BIAN. More information can be found on the main website.

Sound by Steph Horak. An old school desk with a sheet of paper pinned onto it. An arm holding a black Bic pen. A camera eye attached to a short wooden pole looks at a small table on which objects are placed to form a still life: a human skull, an empty can of beer, a large shining shell and dried poppy pods.